We offer the following free and confidential services in a culturally and religiously sensitive environment. We focus on issues related to domestic violence, child safety, immigration, poverty, and the aftermath of 9/11.

Direct Services

We provide free and confidential counseling, advocacy and referral services for women and children affected by domestic violence.

Youth Program

Through our youth group, leadership workshops, and anti-bullying workshops, we provide teenage Muslim girls ages 13-20 with a nurturing “safe space” where they learn to cope with personal issues and social pressures in a post 9/11 era.

Outreach & Education

We work with community leaders and organizations to raise awareness around domestic violence, its impact, and how to effectively support survivors in the community.

Senior Services

We offer weekly ESOL and Citizenship Prep classes for senior women (age 60 and over). We also offer support and counseling to victims of elder abuse.

Transitional Housing

Lack of safe and affordable, permanent housing is one of the biggest barriers to leaving an
abusive relationship.

Turning Point in the Community